OLAP Features in SQL Server


Introduction to OLAP Features

  • OLAP means Online Analytical Processing.
  • OLAP feature are usefull for data warehousing and data mart application
  • OLAP operations are performed on

1. Group By
2. Rollup
3. Cube

1. Rollup

  • Used to generate a reports that contains subtotals & totals.
  • SUM is a aggregate function.
  • The total is based on A one dimensional data hierarchy of grouped information.


SELECT <Column(s)> FROM Group By Rollup (Column1, Column2...)


  • The result set is multidimensional cube i.e cross tabulation of all possible combination of the columns.
  • It allows to take a specified set of grouping columns and create sub totals for all possible combinations.
  • In our example CUBE operation generated rows for possible combinations of values from Id, Ename & Salary.

SyntaxSELECT <Column(s)> FROM <Table_Name> Group By Cube(Column1, Column2...)



  • These are the unknown values.
  • All the null values are considered equal & all put into one NULL group.


This blog provided an introduction to OLAP features in SQL Server.


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